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For your business, brand, or organizational MARKETING and COMMUNICATION needs


We SOLVE Your Growth Problems

Abyssinia Creatives is an omni-channel
STRATEGIC communications firm that specializes in helping businesses, brands, and organizations ALIGN their communications with their GROWTH GOALS across digital and traditional channels.

Since our foundation in 2018, we have delivered projects that
are published internationally and have broadened our services from serving profitable businesses to serving
nonprofits and startups.

We give full services in አማርኛ and English. Click the link below to learn more about us!

Our Service Categories

Digital Marketing Services

Diagnostic Audit

Our Diagnostic Audit is designed to identify roadblocks and to show you the opportunities for TRAFFIC RETENTION and GROWTH.


Whether you're a new business or have been around for years, our diagnostic service will provide you with best insights that will CHANGE your brand for

the BEST! 

Email Marketing

Email marketing OUTPERFORMS all online marketing strategies - for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of $40 or more. BUT... that's ONLY if it's done right!


Let our firm consult you on best practices, or develop you a customized strategy that will set you up for  SUCCESS

Funnel Marketing

The difference between the 1% of websites that convert and the 99% that don't out of 1.13 BILLION websites is a FUNNEL!

If you're reading this, you are in one of our funnels and YES, it WORKS! Book your consultation session today and

let us help you SCALE!

Development Services

If you are daunted by the amount of communication that is needed for your business to scale, our CONTENT DEVELOPMENT service is just what you need!

Whether you are considering webinar marketing or a video production for your next advertisement, we've got your back!

In the last 6+ years, we have developed and delivered various content types ranging from national-scale promotional videos to government funded educational programs.


Use the link below and tell us what type of content you need developed.

Our BRAND DEVELOPMENT service spans from conceptualizing name and logo design to developing a unique TONE that BEST represents you and your business!

Our team understands the need to have a distinct IDENTITY in order to succeed in today's fast-moving world.


Whether you're establishing your brand for the first time or you're going through rebranding, our team is who you would want to have on your side!


Click below to learn more about the different BRANDING services that we offer!

If you're a nonprofit or a small business who's in need of a grant but overwhelmed to write it, our GRANT WRITING service is for YOU!

Our GRANT WRITING team will help you from scoping your project to writing an award-winning proposal! Not only we have the best and experienced writers but we love and enjoy helping others!


Use the button below to tell us about your project and the grant you're wanting to win!

Research Services

A/B Split Testing

If you're reading this, we know that you understand the value of data for success. But who would you want to conduct

your split testing than professional researchers?!


Unlike most marketing agencies and communication firms, we do NOT throw our projects at an AI tool to solve! We DO manually design our research, including test groups, to ENSURE your business, brand or organization receives the personalized attention

that it deserves!

Click the link below to get started!

Affiliate Network

In today's digital era, finding the right affiliate network is one of the

BEST and ESSENTIAL things you need to do for your business, brand, or organization to succeed.

Click the link below to learn how using our research service to study your potential affiliate market will help you increase your revenue and/or brand awareness 10 times MORE!

Do you have your requirements and scope of work clear in mind?

You're not sure which service is right for you and need a quick advice or guidance on your communications and growth concerns?



While our research skills have NO LIMITS, we specialize in the areas of marketing, environmental conservation, and public education. If your communication needs fall in any of these areas, YOU are the one we would love to serve! 

Being both a woman-owned and minority-owned firm, we show our special appreciation and support for similar brands, businesses, and organizations by giving up to 15% discount on all of our services. 

We also offer a case-by-case discount for nonprofits whose causes lie in the areas of empowering women & children, empowering immigrants, and conserving the environment. Let us know if you are QUALIFIED for any of our discounts

Click the link below to learn more about us.

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